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CamachoLab Gets New Members

Promising students come to CamachoLab for the summer

CamachoLab has recruited new help for the Summer of 2022 through the Immerse program at Brigham Young University. Four new arrivals will help the lab reach its goal of pushing the classical and quantum photonics envelope!

Helaman Flores is an undergraduate majoring in electrical engineering at BYU. He will be assisting in BYU's shared efforts in the Center for Quantum Networks. He is working on a project, in collaboration with MIT, to develop scalable diamond vacancy centers for use in quantum computing. In addition to his academic pursuits, he enjoys hiking, playing the cello, and building things like a propane forge and musical instruments from scratch.

Elise Bangerter is also an undergraduate student in electrical engineering at BYU. Elise's research focus is designing a subwavelength grating MMI which would have higher performance than a classical MMI (a common photonic device used for splitting and combining light). Elise also loves to run, play the piano, and bake.

Brandt Bashaw is also a junior in the electrical engineering program at BYU. His research focuses on developing microdroplet optical resonators for interrogating the contents of small samples of water, biological or otherwise. He is in the process of designing a remote-accessible atmospheric controller using PyroLab (a python package developed by CamachoLab members for this purpose).

Skandan Chandrasekar, while not part of the Immerse program, is also working for CamachoLab this summer. He is majoring in nanotechnology engineering at the University of Waterloo. Skandan is writing documentation for Simphony, an open-source python package written by CamachoLab members to give photonic engineers an easy, scriptable method for simulating photonic circuits.

These four are bound to make an impact on our research and we're so excited to have them!